Song Demo Services

Once your demo is completed I will email a full-mix version and a music track-only version to you in MP3 form. If you wish I can also upload the mixes in WAV file form onto the Net and send you a link to download them.  WAV files are about 10 times the size of an mp3 so they take a bit longer to download. You can then burn the mp3 or wav files to cd for your masters. I make my mp3s at industry standard 128kbps but can also make them at 320 kbps (twice the file size) if you wish. If you don’t have a cd burner in your computer then I can mail a cd master with both mixes.

Methods Of Payment

The fastest method to submit and pay for your demo is to email me your worktape mp3 and lyric document (WORD is preferrable).  If you have a PayPal you can just login to Paypal and use the “send money” link to send to my email address   Other acceptable forms of payment are a cashier’s check from a bank or store or a personal check made out to Galen Breen  and not the studio name.

IMPORTANT !!!!If you don’t have a Paypal account and would like to order your demo via USPS then please include your worktape/cd, a lyric sheet, any notes and your check or money order made out to Galen Breen (not the Gator Hole). Please contact for mailing address.

Galen Breen

160 Township Drive

Hendersonville , TN  37075

Other Services



I can edit an existing demo to remove a part of the song (chorus or bridge, etc.) I can also adjust the tempo of a song in either direction without changing the pitch of the track and affecting the vocal quality (no Chipmunks!) Fees for editing generally range from $20-$30.00.


I can master your track to give it clarity and maximum level so it can compete with commercial recordings. I can boost or cut bass frequencies or bring out a vocal that’s getting lost in the mix etc. $15.00 per song (I can do full mix and the track-only mix). I can master just about any kind of file…mp3, wav, WMA, etc.


I will critique your song in these 4 areas…. lyric, melody, groove, song form. This is a good way to fix mistakes before they are cemented into a demo. I’ll make sure your melody is “singable”, your rhyme scheme is proper and basically look for any problems that might cause your song to be passed-on. A critque form will be emailed and if need be an mp3 with any melodic suggestions will be inlcuded. $20.00 per critque.

Obtaining a Master Release

If you’d like to get a master session release from the studio and vocalist on your demo then email me and I will give you information on the fee and provide the proper form to do so. Generally a master session upgrade is $100.00 per song. A master release allows you to pitch the actual recording for tv, film purposes , etc. Not all vocalists will sign a master release if they are in the midst of or are pursuing a recording contract due to legal obligations.



feel free to email me with any questions you might have at:

Deluxe Full Demo: $400

Includes: Vocalist (lead & harmony) plus all instruments in the standard package with the addition of both fiddle and steel.

Song Title

Standard Full Demo: $300

Includes: Vocalist (lead & harmony), drums, electric & acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, (piano, organ, strings) mandolin and harmonica. Instrumentation is dependent on the particular song style.
Add a fiddle, dobro, steel or banjo for an added charge of $50 per instrument.

Song Title

Guitar/Vocal or Piano/Vocal Demo: $150

Includes: One acoustic guitar with lead and harmony vocals.
Add a second guitar, mandolin or harmonica for $30.

Song Title

Track Only Demo: Subtract $50 from any package

I supply a finished track that allows you to record your own vocal or vocalist in lieu of using one of my singers.

Vocal Over Pre-Existing Track: $130

You supply a song track for me to record one of my vocalists over top.

Song Title

Other Services

Pitch-Shifting A Track: $25

If you have a previous demo recorded in a key that is too high or too low I can digitally transpose a key change to something more suitable for another singer. The results are generally very good sonically within about 3-4 pitches or so.

Song Title

Change Speed Of A Track: $25

Speeding up or slow down a track while retaining the orginal key.

Song Title

Remove Part Of A Song: $30

Editing a demo to remove part of the song (long intro, solo, extra chorus etc.) If the requested edit can’t be done gracefully there will be no charge.

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